Our services

The Competence Centre performs a broad range of tasks and offers a comprehensive range of services. 

Information material

The Competence Centre provides free information on the range of topics surrounding innovative procurement. We develop new materials and refer to existing information.  

Case studies

We present practical examples of successful innovation procurement or designs of innovative procurement processes. This makes it evident that innovation-oriented public-sector procurement is already feasible and sensible.


We use our ever-expanding national and international network of partners and disseminators to keep you constantly up to date. We brief you about our activities and provide you with comprehensive information about current developments, projects, initiatives and programmes.  

Specific advice

Do you have a specific problem relating to the procurement of innovative products, services and procedures? Do you have any questions relating to innovative procurement? Then please give us a call, send us an e-mail to info@koinno-bmwi.de or visit one of the many events that we hold in your area.

Support in locating funds

There are a few programmes in place – particularly at EU level – for funding innovations and R&D projects. The information about the funding programmes is available in German only. Click here to get to the German site. 

Internet platform

Our Internet platform is steadily being expanded into a communication portal. In the future, not only will you find extensive information here on innovation-oriented procurement but you will also have the opportunity to hold virtual exchanges with specialist colleagues, experts and interested parties.  

Innovation prize

The BMWi and the BME single out exemplary performances among public-sector contracting authorities in the procurement of innovations and the design of innovative procurement processes. Find out more about the "Innovation schafft Vorsprung" (Innovation creates a lead) competition here

Regional events

We come to your region to tell you about the Competence Centre for Innovative Procurement and the services it has to offer. The regional events are free of charge. .

Strategic dialogues

With strategic dialogues we create a basis for direct exchange among various experienced parties and experts within innovation purchasing from both the public and the private sectors. The first step is to approach public-sector purchasers and involve them in a direct dialogue. The second step is to elevate this exchange of experiences to a broad level, adding selected private-sector companies with comparable expertise. This helps generating best practices in a market-compliant setting. 

Professional groups

Alongside strategic dialogue, the professional groups represent the knowledge base of the Competence Centre. Exclusively aimed at the purchasers within the corresponding material group, the objective of these groups is to evaluate actual requirements, analyse problems and optimise processes. The professional groups have a restricted number of members in order to create a confidential basis for discussion and to enable a qualitative working process. For more information, please contact us.

In-house training

Together with you we analyse your status, level of knowledge and requirements as we analyse your procurement processes with regard to a focus on innovation. Your desired objectives are then defined and possible optimisation processes developed are initiated. The contents of the training are customised to the special requirements of your procurement organisation and can cover innovation-oriented contracting types, such as negotiation procedures, functional requests for proposals, descriptions of work and additional offers. The aim is the lasting implementation of "innovation" in your future procurement activities.   



Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.: +49 69 30838-350

E-Mail: info@koinno-bmwi.de