The aim of establishing a Competence Centre for Innovative Procurement is to ensure the focus of public purchasing on innovation in the long term. In order for the measures to establish a lasting culture of innovation, the following must be taken into consideration:

Lasting focus on innovation

The aim is to anchor a lasting and medium-term focus on innovation among public-sector purchasers. This means that an increase in the understanding and sensitivity of public purchasing is needed in terms of its strategic function for procurement markets. 

Practical experience and best practice

At the same time, the example of practical experience should show how innovation-oriented procurement can already function successfully today. Only by successful examples the medium-term change process described above will be initiated. 

In the context of the Competence Centre, public agencies and procurement bodies should see their potential for innovation stronger than before. By this structural, organisational and legal obstacles can be overcome in order to increase the proportion of innovations within administration and economics.